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Biola Public Relations Honors Society

Biola PR Fellows is an invitation only society and is offered to a select group of students who have displayed strong academic expertise, leadership within the PR program, and a character that evidences professionalism. 

PR Fellows is designed to facilitate advanced mentoring, foster professional development and guide future PR leaders in strategic foresight for their career ambitions.

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“PR Fellows was everything I had hoped for and more. Getting to learn and grow alongside a group of other people who always set the bar high is such a privilege and a treat. From doing research to mentoring and being mentored, PR Fellows was one of my favorite Biola involvements.”

“Participating in the PR Fellows program was a great opportunity to connect with a professional who is able to guide you through questions that may come up for you during your senior year. It also expanded my experience in presenting research in an academic setting. This group is a fantastic professional development opportunity!”

“Being part of the Public Relations Fellows Honors group was a wonderful experience. I was given the opportunity to build valuable relationships with my peers, incoming students, and my mentor. My experience further solidified my desire to enter into the Nonprofit Public Relations industry and for that, I'm very thankful."

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