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We are thrilled to be providing the Dynamic Capabilities Certificate option for Fall 2020 students enrolled in the B.A. in Public Relations at Biola University. This will be a 10-week commitment, with live-time interaction that will consist of faculty presentation, industry expert keynotes, a cohort activity.

Calendar: All meetings will be on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM (Pacific Time) and will last until 10:15 AM (Pacific Time).

  1. September 9: Welcome & Introduction to Dynamic Capabilities

  2. September 16: Listening & Sensing in Dynamic Capabilities - Michael Delgado (Experian/UCI)

  3. September 23: Cohort Activity Session

  4. October 7: Recognizing Opportunities with Dynamic Capabilities

  5. October 14: Seizing the Moment - Michael Delgado (Experian/UCI)

  6. October 21: Cohort Activity Session

  7. October 28: Organizational Transformation

  8. November 4: Brand Transformation & Impact - Guest Speaker*

  9. November 11: Cohort Activity Session

  10. November 18: Cohort Presentations (MUST ATTEND)

* indicates the goal of a guest speaker, but if their schedule prevents this date we will re-sort the content to still include them on a different day.

What does the cohort require?
Your cohorts will work together to make a short (10 minute) presentation on an organization that has effectively illustrated dynamic capabilities over the last year. You will also have a resource (a handout, infographic, or short video) that accents your presentation). Throughout the program, your team will meet to discuss key elements for the presentation.

How much time outside of the weekly meeting is required?
Our goal is that your time commitment outside of this meeting is extremely minimal. The only variance will be what your cohort decides to do for the presentation. However, you will have three sessions dedicated to your cohort developing your presentation, so the aim is that you will not need much additional time.

Is there required reading?
No - we are going to have our faculty and presenters sharing key pieces of information, but there is no assigned texts, articles, etc. Our goal is not to make this into a "class" but rather a learning community around a topic that is wildly significant in the world of PR.

What is required to get the graduation cord and certificate?
We don't want to make this super complicated. It is essentially about you joining in the process: So, in order to qualify for completion of this process you need to attend 90% of the meetings (nine of them). You must participate in the final presentation with your cohort and watch the other presentations that occur on that day.

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