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The accelerated public relations program allows you to complete coursework at an advanced rate — earning both your B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication or B.S. in Public Relations and Digital Management and M.A. in Public Relations and Reputation Management in as little as four years.

Accelerated Studies

This alternative to the traditional track requires tenacity and careful planning and is the best fit for driven students with clear goals. For those who wish to complete the program (B.A. or B.S. and M.A.) at the fastest pace, students will need to take full course loads each semester (including 12 credits over the course of two summers) during the undergraduate portion of the process.

All students who are admitted into the Accelerated PR Program will apply for Prior Learning Assessment as part of the MA program. This Prior Learning Assessment can be applied for up to 6 units of coursework. Additionally, students in our accelerated program will be required to complete a cross-listed, graduate-level course (PBRL 660).

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment is available for the M.A. in Public Relations & Reputation management for students who have been accepted into the accelerated program from the B.A. in Public Relations & Strategic Communication or the B.S. in Public Relations & Digital Management at Biola University. PLA should be confirmed prior to the start of the M.A. program.

Students who are part of the accelerated program have the option to receive PLA for two graduate courses in the M.A. in Public Relations and Reputation Management. The courses are:

  • PBRL 500 Principles of Public Relations: Applicable to all students in the accelerated program.

  • PBRL 560 Strategic Digital Communication: Applicable to all students who complete PREL 420 (Advanced Digital Management) as an undergraduate student.

Application, Admission and Ongoing Requirements

Students should apply for the accelerated program one year prior to the expected graduation date in the undergraduate B.A. or B.S. program in the Department of Public Relations & Strategic Communication.

Following admission, continued enrollment in the accelerated PR Program is contingent on meeting additional requirements. Students must:

  • Maintain a 3.8 GPA in public relations coursework throughout the completion of the B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication or the B.S. in Public Relations and Digital Media Management.

  • Demonstrate high competency in advanced coursework by enrolling in PREL 660 (cross-listed with PREL 465 and BBST 465) and earning an “A” in the course.

Advanced Portfolio Review

Students in the accelerated program will undergo an advanced portfolio review within their final undergraduate semester. The PRSC department will provide students with the advanced portfolio requirements when they are accepted into the accelerated program in their senior year. Based on the standardized rubric assessment, performed by two reviewers separately, the average score will be calculated. Based on this feedback, students will be qualified to receive up to 6 units of Prior Learning credit.

Admissions to the MA Program

While students must still apply and be admitted to the M.A. in Public Relations and Reputation Management, fulfilling the criteria and standards required of all applicants, there is a fast-track process for the students in our accelerated program. After accepted into the accelerated program, students will be given the information about this process. You should complete your application one year before you plan to begin graduate studies (typically, your senior year in our program). After review and notification, those who are accepted will sign an agreement sheet with the department that outlines an acknowledgement of the standards and processes involved in the accelerated program. 

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